These are all from genuine unsolicited e-mails and handwritten cards and letters:

     "I have heard some good storytellers, but Mark is the tops. I do hope he will come to us again."
      "Mark, your last story has stayed with me. Thank you."
      "...controlled, but expressive..."
      "An evening to remember - so different from our normal..."
      "That was really quite something this afternoon..."

      "I was moved to tears by your story and, of course, by the way you told it. So special."
      "Mark is a fine storyteller, mixing pathos and hum​our, movement and stillness
  to great effect."

      "I was impressed by your very different approach to storytelling and the disturbing and

        challenging images you conjured..."​

I could go on, but...

                          ...better to include comments from evaluation sheets forwarded to me from the Lads and Dads at Sandye Academy:

      "Great stories, well told. My son was enthralled!"
      "I really enjoyed the storyteller. He was fantastic."
      "He made the stories come to life."


And a recent (Sept '15) Year 6 performance of "Walter Croft" and "Coventry":

"I could close my eyes and imagine being in the story."

"The storyteller's voice brought the trenches to life."